We are not currently breeding. There are no current plans for a litter and there is no waiting list. 

There are no future plans and we cannot respond to puppy requests.

​If we have a litter on the horizon, it will be posted here. 

Our goal has always been to breed healthy, top quality show dogs who live in wonderful homes. Puppies are occasionally available to select pet homes.

As you’ve probably discovered, finding a puppy is a difficult undertaking. People often ask me how my placement process works since I don’t maintain a waiting list. I don’t really have a process because I have so few puppies available with each litter. Mostly it’s a matter of luck and timing to get a puppy from me. I don’t breed enough and my purposes are not for filling a waitlist. In fact, I don’t keep a waitlist because there are just too many people who would want to be on it. It is similar to applying to Yale; there are a lot of qualified applicants for just a few spots. For more information on the breed, there is a lot of information, articles, and a recent podcast where I discuss the breed on my website and blog.

AKC Breeder of Merit
AKC Delegate: Western Pennsylvania Kennel Association
Past President: Barbet Club of America
Vice President: United Barbet Club

Please remember that the Barbet is an extremely rare breed. There are about 600 dogs in the United States, and we are very careful with how we breed our dogs. The Barbet is on the radar of internet searches, and by reading and researching, many families will decide that this is the perfect breed for them. However, there are not many available puppies and this is not a dog that can be easily obtained. We are not breeding to produce puppies for a wait list; we are striving to improve this breed with each generation and will breed only when we feel the combination of dogs is ideal. We do not keep a 'Waiting List' for puppies.


Unknown said...

i met my first BARBET the other day at camp bow wow. needless to say, i am so smitten! we had a wonderful portie for 17 years...i had mistaken 2 year old Charlie for a portie. the owner "sung your praises"!
i would adore being a barbet owner in the future!
becky pais, pittsburgh, pa.

HTF said...

Come out and visit them some time!

Unknown said...

I met my first Barbet Wellie, at the Cleveland Clinic on Thursday and was immediately in love! I lost my Goldendoodle a few months ago and the house is empty without a dog presence! I see that you had a litter in November. Do you have any puppies left? Thanks.
Patty Johnson

HTF said...

Hi Patty,
Please send me an email at barbetdogs@gmail.com so we can chat about a puppy. Thanks!

Unknown said...

Hi, I met my first Barbet several years ago at a Sporting Dog Judges seminar in Michigan. I have been interested in them ever since. I breed and show Spinone Italiano. I am down to one Spinone and I am looking for a bit smaller breed but like the sporting breeds, especially the hairy ones. I am interested in showing but not necessarily breeding, therefore I don't really have a preference as to male or female. I believe we spoke a few year ago when I was just beginning to check out the breed. I have talked with Erica Cross about the breed she advised me that you were the breeder to go through. I see that you just had a litter this past summer so will most likely not have another litter for a while and you don't keep a waiting list. Does a person just keep checking back with you as to when you will have your next litter? Thank you for any information you could provide with regard to obtaining a puppy from you. Teri Turner Quattro Zampe Spinone

HTF said...

Hi Teri, Send me an email at barbetdogs@gmail.com. While we did just have puppies, I am always looking to the next breeding. I do remember talking with you 3-4 years ago.

Reeves McCue said...

Good Morning,
I would like to know if the Barbet comes in different sizes. Obviously I am new to this breed but was encouraged by another breeder to consider them. I have always had labs but want something a little smaller. I'd love to come and visit your farm.
Pls. advise and thanks in advance.
Pamela McCue

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