Breeding Plans

We are expecting Whippet puppies for the first time in many years!! Our beautiful Calla, Bo-Bett O'Calla Lily of Hickory Tavern Farm, is in whelp to the gorgeous young dog Ch. Sporting Fields Son of a Beach Babe. These pups should have beautiful outlines, correct angles, and amazing temperaments. A photo pedigree of this litter can be seen here.

As always, we strive for beautiful breed type, excellent temperament, and genetic diversity from our puppies. 

Please remember that the Barbet is an extremely rare breed. There are less than 250 dogs in the United States, and we are very careful with how we breed our dogs. The Barbet is on the radar of internet searches, and by reading and researching, many families will decide that this is the perfect breed for them. However, there are not many available puppies and this is not a dog that can be easily obtained. We are not breeding to produce puppies for a wait list; we are striving to improve this breed with each generation and will breed only when we feel the combination of dogs is ideal. We do not keep a 'Waiting List' for puppies.


Rebecca Pais said...

i met my first BARBET the other day at camp bow wow. needless to say, i am so smitten! we had a wonderful portie for 17 years...i had mistaken 2 year old Charlie for a portie. the owner "sung your praises"!
i would adore being a barbet owner in the future!
becky pais, pittsburgh, pa.

HTF said...

Come out and visit them some time!

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