Monday, August 5, 2013

Puppy Napa Comes To Visit!

This weekend we were very lucky to have our puppy Napa and her wonderful owners, Brian and Courtney, come to visit us at our lake house. Napa had a great time reuniting with her mom Claire and sister Solene, and we were thrilled to see the progress that Napa has made and how pretty she still is. The similarity in type of Solene and Napa reinforces how excellent the combination of genes from Claire and Bango turned out to be. Napa and Solene spent some time together at the water's edge, where Solene only swam from the shore but Napa fearlessly dove from the dock for her toys. We love this girl's attitude!
Solene, Napa and Claire

Judy with Solene and her little sister Napa

Solene brings back the toy while Napa waits to pounce :)

Solene watches in amazement as Napa flies off the dock

Flying Napa!


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