Friday, June 5, 2015

Barbet Kit

One of the reasons we can let our puppies go to their new homes is because we also get a new puppy! Our keeper is this girl, the green collared girl of Nessa with the white front paw. She was my initial favorite of the litter, but I'm not sure that I love how this white foot will look in the ring. For quite a while, I thought I'd keep a different pup, but this one kept catching my eye, over and over, until it finally hit me that this girl needs to stay, even with her uneven markings. Her broad head and muzzle are things I was trying to improve from Nessa, and her fearless attitude around the farm makes her a favorite. We named her Kit because the two white footed puppies were often referred to as "the kitty feet" pups, so she got called 'Kitty' a lot! We've shortened it to 'Kit' and we are super happy to have her with us.

Hickory Tavern Fool For Paris
CH Nuphar's Gift-Wrapped x GrChEx Flacon d' Paris of Neigenuveaux

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