Thursday, August 21, 2014

Alabanza, Captain

This has been a rough summer for us, culminating in the death of my father earlier this week. My parents gave me a great life, providing me with a beautiful home, horses and dogs to treasure, and a lifetime of wonderful memories of our travels together, our life on the farm, and the tremendous impact that they have had on my children. Everybody knew my father. His connections traveled far through the country, and often when I meet a person, it seem that they had worked for my dad, or knew of his antique toy collection, or had met him at a historical construction equipment show, delivered a tractor to the farm, or sold him a piece of equipment. I never heard a negative word about him. He was interested in people, and he enjoyed his many friends, old and new. I wish everyone could be as lucky as I have been to live in this family.

I have not been good at keeping up with correspondence throughout his illness and if I missed responding to your inquiry, I am sorry. In fact, most people did not even know that he was sick. At this point, I am feeling drained, and have decided not to breed Claire this fall.

Louis McClurg McMaster
December 3, 1928 - August 18, 2014