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"Praised for its intelligence, versatility and zest for life, the Barbet is perhaps a gem of a purebred dog that is as yet undiscovered by many." Christi McDonald, Best In Show Daily

The Barbet is currently one of the dog world's Best Kept Secrets. They are a medium sized, non-shedding, relatively healthy, sane, trainable, rare and fun breed. They are similar to the Portuguese Water Dog, but are less intense. They are similar to the Lagotto and Spanish Water Dog, but are said to be much more affable. Temperament is outstanding on the Barbet. They are anxious to hike, play ball, learn agility, or hang out around the house, as long as they are near someone who loves them. They get along great in a crowd or alone. Their sweet, goofy, somewhat cartoonish appearance always brings out a smile. In fact, the Barbet has all of the attributes that people seek in the Labradoodle, but in a pedigreed, registered, health-tested, time-honored package. Dog Fancy magazine profiled the breed in it's June 2013 issue. Currently there are approximately 600 Barbet in the United States. They are very rare, and litters don't happen very often.

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Member of:

Barbet Club of America
Immediate Past President

United Barbet Club
Vice President

Western Pennsylvania Kennel Association
AKC Delegate

Claire & Solene

Claire wins a Group 2 with Isabel

First Best in Show in North America for any Barbet

4 months

Eyewitness Handbook of Dogs, DK Publishing, David Alderton 1993

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