Monday, August 27, 2012

Club Barbet Canada - First National Specialty in North America for our beautiful dogs!

Barbet breeder
Judge Jim Bricknell awards Solene BOS Sweeps

Barbet Breeder
Judge Dr Francisco Chapa placed Solene First in the Jr Puppy Bitch Class

This past weekend, an historic event was held in Long Sault, Ontario, near Ottawa. Club Barbet Canada sponsored the First National Specialty for the Barbet in North America. With an entry of 34 dogs from Quebec, Ontario, and the United States, the competition was the largest group of Barbet ever assembled in North America. When the Specialty was first announced, Solene and her sister Hanna were just a few days old. Now at close to 8 months, they were both old enough to compete in the Specialty weekend. Solene won her Jr Bitch Sweeps class, and BOS in Sweeps to Florence Erwin's lovely male Bogart. In the Regular classes, she won the Jr Puppy Bitch class. Her sister Hanna, owned by Veronica Matthews and Florence Erwin, won WB and Best Puppy twice during the weekend. I was really proud of my girls!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Calla's Ring Debut

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Bo-Bett O'Calla Lily of Hickory Tavern Farm

This was a very special weekend for us. Calla injured her front leg last November, and eventually it required surgery in April. 6 weeks of total crate rest was followed by several more weeks of hand walking. In the summer, she was given clearance to resume exercising on the leg and her first weeks found her very short of breath after running. My heart stopped every time I watched her jump off the sofa, but Dr Dyce had given the ok for her to resume her previous activities. It was hard to watch! I felt like her plated leg was more fragile than it really was but I eventually learned to let her play hard and run fast. She got into beautiful condition, stayed sound, and I finally entered her in a few dog shows.

With a tear in my eye, I proudly showed Calla to RWB at her first two shows, starting her show career after a long and questionable layoff. For months, I was uncertain whether she would ever recover enough to be a show dog and prove to the world just how beautiful she is, but this weekend turned a corner for Calla and me. Now it's time to hit the road in pursuit of her Championship.


Justin Smithey with BIS GCh. Bo-Bett's Speed Demon and sister Calla.



Justin in the Best In Show ring with Demon

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Settling In

Nessa and Isabel
Nessa is adjusting to her new life beautifully. She is so confident and self-assured, and is enjoying exploring the farm and playing with the dogs. She has such a knowing, wise expression and has proven herself to be quite a smart girl.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Newest American Barbet Citizen

Today I have copied Anne Plomp's Nuphar's Blog post with translation by Google. Anne speaks perfect English but Google does not! Anne had a really big heart and entrusted her baby to the care of Zoo Logistics and KLM to safely deliver her to me. We flew her from Amsterdam to Washington DC (Dulles) so that she did not have to deal with changing planes. We wanted to make her travel time as short as possible. By driving 5 hours to Dulles, I was able to let Nessa eat, drink, and exercise before we headed back to Pittsburgh. She traveled like a pro, and bounced out of her crate when she was finally cleared through customs. She is a testament to all of the hard work, love and devotion given to this litter by breeder Anne Plomp.|en&u=

A world for Nessa

Yesterday we have a long, exciting day behind. It started early in the morning when we have Nessa to Hoofddorp, where they by the people of Zoo Logistics was collected. This company ensures that animals must travel by plane to go well cared for. Nessa has given the car does not beep and also in the waiting room at the office while we were handling the paper trade, she was very good.
We found it extremely hard for her to give, how well you know they know very well what they do and this is much better than himself transferred to the airport. Therefore, I have cried a lot on the way, I will admit. 
The rest of the day there is nothing useful came out of my hands, except regularly look at the flight-checker how far they have had and whether they were still on schedule. I got an email nicely after the plane had departed, she was on board and that everything had gone well. Judy was called again to check that they meet Nessa came off. 
Luckily I have all day contact with Judy, who of course in America just as nervous as I was waiting.
Last night was the redeeming word they landed and delivered at the desk. After a lot of paperwork then came the first picture of Nessa with Judy in her arms. Again reason for tears, though I have not had enough to flow but this time of relief! 
Nessa has it all brilliantly: her benchje was only a puddle after another clean, they even had water and she showed no sign of stress. Good Girl!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Barbet on the Dutch Farm

Nuphar's Gift Wrapped
After a busy week racing in the park and making a final trip to the vet to get her traveling papers in order, Nessa got to visit her brother Thibault at his farm residence. There, she and her 3 sisters met horses, sheep, chickens and bunnies. It was an exciting outing for the girls. I am now in countdown mode...Monday afternoon our new baby girl will be an American citizen!

Nessa Wags While Seeing the Bunnies

The New Miss America

Monday, August 6, 2012

Home Grown Barbet Puppy

Barbet Dog

Nessa poses at her photo session in Holland in a crate marked "Home grown" in Dutch. Nessa was bred by Anne Plomp and she is out of the beautiful Alba, one of my favorite Barbet. In one week she will be a resident of the United States.