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Hickory Tavern Farm, what’s your story?

We are Judy and David Descutner of Hickory, Pennsylvania. We live near Pittsburgh, on our 200 acre family farm. Over the years, we have bred, raised, and shown American Quarter Horses, and we've shown several different breeds of dogs in AKC conformation and agility. Our animals are a huge part of our lives!

How long have you been in dogs?

We’ve shown in AKC events for the past 30 years, and have had occasional litters of Whippets and English Cocker Spaniels. Our involvement with Barbet has led to a serious program aimed at breeding quality dogs with great health, fabulous temperaments, and a consistent, beautiful look.

What's Your Involvement With Barbet?

We have owned Barbet since 2009 when we imported Neigenuveaux's Ermagarde (Claire) from Canada. Claire became the first Barbet in North America to win a Best in Show as well as many other firsts for the breed. She won numerous championships, appeared on television, and attended several Meet the Breeds events. She is the perfect Barbet ambassador! From Claire's first litters, our breeding program has grown to include diverse bloodlines (including frozen semen from European dogs) utilizing handsome, healthy studs with low COIs. Judy was on the Board of the Barbet Club of America from 2009 through 2018, serving as President, Vice President, Secretary, and Newsletter editor over the years. Judy is also the Vice President of the United Barbet Club. We have loved being part of the American Barbet success story as the breed develops in the United States. 2020 has brought the great accomplishment of the Barbet joining the AKC Sporting group.

What is your breeding philosophy?

We believe that breeding is a complex puzzle of health and genetics, and we focus on the whole dog. We continually strive to create our ideal of the Barbet; a joyous, healthy, smart and beautiful member of the family. We do not repeat breedings or keep our own stud dogs. We look at each litter as an opportunity to select the ideal combination of parents to create the next generation of beautiful dogs. We study pedigrees and network with breeders across the globe to stay abreast of the state of the breed.

Do you have a kennel?

No, our dogs are house dogs and live together in a group. We usually have 6-7 dogs in our home.

How do I get on your waiting list for a puppy?

We do not keep a waiting list. Because of the huge demand for our Barbet puppies, we select from the most qualified and experienced homes. Generally, puppies are only sold to families who we have visited with in person. There is definitely no shipping of puppies. 

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