Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Agility Class Locator

Barbet love running and jumping. They also respond well to training and enjoy their time with their owners. Because of this, Barbet can excel at Agility training. Use this locator to find a class near you and sign your pup up for a fun and exciting course. Who knows, maybe you'll really get hooked on Agility and continue to the competition level. Barbet can compete in any AKC, UKC, USDAA, or NADAC Agility trial. Good luck!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Plexidor Pet Doors: Dog of the month: Barbet

The Plexidor Pet Door Company posted a nice little breed feature about the Barbet on their blog this week. Always nice to see the breed gain some publicity. They chose our Nessa's mom, the beautiful Alba, for their photo.

Plexidor Pet Doors: Dog of the month: Barbet: Image from The Barbet is a medium-sized French water dog. It's an active breed that enjoys work and play, and Barbets often ...