Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Perusing Pedigrees and Studying Sires

Breeding dogs is an art. Mixing pedigrees in complementary ways requires vision, luck, and honest information from friends and breeders who are familiar with the bloodlines being considered.  I've been spending a lot of time these past few weeks searching for just the right stud dog for Claire's first litter.  So many factors come into play trying to fit together a perfect puzzle of temperament, size, coat, movement, type, and health factors that will complement Claire's strengths and improve on the areas where she could be better.  Pedigrees must be carefully researched so that unwanted characteristics aren't emphasized through related dogs.

I've now settled on just a few dogs and am consulting with the owners as well as other breeders who have used the dogs for their own litters.  All of the dogs are European so Claire and I will be taking a long journey later this fall.  She is due in season mid-October and if everything goes well we will have puppies for New Years.

I have a perfect dog in my head that I will be striving to breed.  Claire is a beautiful, stylish girl and I hope that we are able to find the ideal match for her.

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