Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Preparing for our trip to Europe!

Today Claire went to the veterinarian to have a full check-up and to get her paperwork for flying into Switzerland. Although she is not due in season for a month, I want to have everything in place ahead of time. We will fly from Washington DC so that our flight goes directly into Zurich without having to change planes.

Another thing I've done is purchased a new travel crate for Claire. When I went to the dock diving event at Cabelas a few weeks ago, I saw a one piece heavy duty crate that is much more secure than a Vari-Kennel type of flight crate. I have always been leary of the two-piece, plastic crate, and aluminum flight crates have gotten ridiculously expensive. Ruff Tough custom made a crate for me with ventilation on three sides, as required for International flights. I highly recommend them!  Talk to Doug at Ruff Tough Kennels Although they specialize in selling to hunting dogs and their owners, Doug was incredibly helpful and willing to customize a crate for Claire's needs.

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