Monday, October 3, 2011

My New Full-Time Job

I have decided that I am unwilling to ship Claire to Switzerland. Expecting to start a healthy pregnancy while enduring 24 total hours of flight and crate time coupled with the stress of a foreign environment is more than I think is fair to ask of her. It is also against the Live Animal Regulations of the International Air Travel Association to fly bitches in season. This leaves frozen semen as my only alternative to access the beautiful Swiss dog who I have chosen for Claire. Kindly, the Swiss Kennel Club and the Swiss Barbet Club have granted their approval for this. The CLONE Switzerland clinic is scheduled to collect and freeze the dog. Everything appears to be in order when I get an email from the vet in Switzerland stating that he is unable to locate an International shipper for the frozen semen. DHL, UPS and FedEx are not possibilities. Of course this makes no sense to me as there is a huge industry in Europe shipping frozen semen to the United States for horses, cows and sheep. Trying to go back and forth with our emails in different languages proves to be tedious but the bottom line is that in Switzerland, semen has to ship through Geneva or Zurich. FedEx flies through Basel. DHL and UPS just will not ship the semen. Ultimately, we have hired a courier to transport the semen from Orbe to Geneva, where it will be flown to Frankfurt, Germany. From Frankfurt, it will be shipped to Philadelphia. Now we just have to hope that the collection goes smoothly, the sperm freeze well, and the transport is successful. 4,500 miles for the semen to travel from Switzerland to the USA, all for an implantation that takes about ten minutes. SO many things have to go well for a successful pregnancy. We are ready to roll the dice.

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