Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Our Barbet are popular at AKC's Meet the Breeds

On November 19 and 20, New York City welcomed over 200 breeds of dogs and cats to the Jacob Javits Center for AKC's third annual Meet the Breeds. Even though the Barbet is not fully AKC recognized, the FSS breeds are invited to participate and Tracey Schnabel and I were happy to bring our furry friends, Tug and Claire, to share with a very interested, dog loving public. Expos like this are so important to our breed. Most people start their conversation with, "I've never heard of this breed" and Tracey, my husband David, and I were happy to educate people about the grooming, temperament and history of this wonderful breed.

Kids almost always asked, "How do they see?" as their first question. Tug and Claire were extremely patient and accepted the pats and hugs from hundreds of people for over 7 hours each day. They posed for many, many pictures and we were interviewed by newspaper and pet publication reporters. Several people who stopped by had seen Claire on television the week prior.

The attendance of Meet the Breeds is over 40,000. In addition to the dog and cat breed booths, there are many pet vendors selling art, grooming equipment, and pet supplies as well as artificial grass surfaces and pet insurance. There were demonstrations of Police dogs, agility dogs, and earth dogs. AKC does a wonderful job with this event and we were honored to be there. We hope that in future years more Barbet and their owners will participate!

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