Thursday, July 19, 2012

Old Horses Are The Best: Maximum Lark

Bo-Bett Farm
Maximum Lark
In the late '80's, this beautiful gelding was born at Bo-Bett Farm in Ocala, Florida (our lucky mares spent the winter in sunny Florida while we stayed home freezing in Pennsylvania).  Maximum Lark was our 5th colt sired by Rugged Lark, and he always had the sweetest, most willing disposition imaginable. Carol Harris and the Bo-Bett staff always took great care of our mares, and we were thrilled with the newborn pictures that Carol sent us of this particular colt. Big and stout, he grew into a truly beautiful horse with a sweet little jog and a wonderful, smooth and fluid lope. We won a big Non-Pro Western Pleasure futurity when he was a two year old, and I also showed him a bit in the three year old futurities, and he always placed well. David and I started our own family, and Max wasn't shown again until he was 15. At that time, our son Sam started riding him, and we learned that Sam was a natural on a horse. They won a lot together, then later our daughter Isabel showed Max in the walk-trot classes. They made it look easy, and Max always took great care of Isabel. Now 23, gentle Max spends his days with his older full brother, Lark Seven. I am incredibly lucky to have these two special horses, who are among my favorite of the many horses I've bred and owned.

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