Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Lake, the Whippet, and the Barbet Puppies

With our warm summer weather winding down, we have been busy going to dog shows with Calla the  Whippet and Solene the Barbet, Agility training classes with Bob, and preparing the lake house for winter.  Calla has finally gotten her first points, after a long year dealing with her broken leg, repair at Ohio State Vet School, and lengthy rehabilitation. Seeing her finally entered into the AKC records was a gratifying achievement. There were many months when I doubted that she would ever be sound enough to show. Huge props go to Jonathan Dyce and his team at the OSU hospital for their tremendous work repairing Calla Lily's leg.

Calla Lily wins Winners Bitch at the Butler County Kennel Club
Bob, our 7 year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi, is showing a lot of promise at his Agility classes, thanks to our wonderful instructor, Irene Barrie. We still have a lot to learn, and I'm trying to figure out the intricacies of agility handling, but by spring, I think we will almost be ready to try our hand in competition.

Bob practices his jumping skills
Last weekend we spent a beautiful weekend at Deep Creek Lake, MD, visiting with family and friends, and preparing the house for the winter. Unfortunately it was time to pull the boat from the water, but David did manage to squeeze in one last run behind the Mastercraft. It was some of his best skiing of the year, and he is always sad when water ski season is over.

The early morning fog on the lake -- Worth getting up early

David gets one last run on Deep Creek Lake, MD
Solene, Nessa, and Calla came with us to the lake, and the Barbet girls were very happy playing in and around the water. Calla? Not so much :)

Nessa soaks up the sun

Curious Nessa

Solene with her little partner in crime hiding in the background

Solene and Nessa

Nothing demonstrates great conformation like a wet dog

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