Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Barbet Puppy Fun

Yesterday we had some lovely visitors who came to visit the Barbet (and brought us delicious chocolate chip cookies!). Baby puppy Napa enjoyed a special moment with June, who had just turned 2 the day prior.

Although having a singleton puppy was not ideal, I cannot say enough about sweet Solene's devotion to her little sister. From Napa's early weeks through the present, Solene has always played at the appropriate level and Napa has a positive, confident attitude toward every new encounter. I am so proud of this girl.

Hickory Tavern Farm Barbet
Here is Napa on the left and Solene on the right when they are both 8 weeks old. I am so pleased with the quality and consistency that we got from using Bango du Pre de Redy as the sire of Claire's litters. Although sadly small in size, her litters presented us with a wonderful next generation to further the advancement of Barbet in America.

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