Sunday, November 17, 2013

What A Weekend...

Calla - The Most Beautiful, Sweet and Special Dog in the World
The ups and downs of my's very bittersweet for the last of the puppies to leave. I'm so happy that the families love their new puppy so much, but it's hard to see their sweet little faces go...we put so much time and love into our babies. In the midst of this, Calla had a horrific accident in the yard Friday afternoon and broke her left hind leg at the hock. I immediately knew that she had broken her leg, and she was on the x-ray table at Dr Radcliffe's clinic in Wheeling within the hour. Calla had surgery to repair the bone and ligaments on Saturday afternoon, and she remains hospitalized for observation and treatment. This evening I packed up all of the puppy equipment and the whelping box, and tomorrow I'll set up two big crates for Calla's coming months of rest and rehabilitation. Sadly, it may be up to a year until she recovers fully. Sigh.

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