Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Solene's Health Testing Nearly Complete!

With Solene reaching her second birthday next month, plans are underway for her first breeding. Because we are unable to have a litter of puppies next summer, we hope to breed Solene within the next month when she comes in season. Yesterday we received the great news from OFA that her Preliminary Elbow reading and Thyroid test results are normal. In addition, her eye certificate came as well. Within the next few days, OFA will be updating their site with her information, but I'll list her results here. (Unlike the European scores, OFA does not give final results until the second birthday, but her preliminary results are an accurate assessment)

OFA Hips:  Preliminary Good
OFA Elbows:  Preliminary Normal
OFA Eyes: No known issues
OFA Thyroid: Normal

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