Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Calla Lily is Back!

Today is a monumental day for Calla Lily. Dr Radcliffe examined her and has cleared her to begin normal exercise! Last November, she broke her hind leg at the hock, and tore the ligaments that held it. After months of cast and bandage changes with weekly 3 hour round trip visits to the vet, she has spent the past weeks with very limited access to the small yard. Now we can begin long walks and gen...tle running. This may prove to be difficult, but we will monitor her and use the golf cart to exercise her.

We deeply appreciate all the good thoughts and care shown to Calla from our friends, from Facebook, from the dog world, and from the impeccable care of Dr Jim Radcliffe and his staff at Town & Country Veterinary Hospital, Wheeling, WV. I hope that all injured Whippets are able to get care of the quality given by Dr Jim. Calla may return to the ring later this year!

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Jeanette, Mistress of Longears said...

Bless her heart! My Kerry Blue broke her leg when she slipped on a patch of ice as she jumped up onto a garden retaining wall. She was lucky; it was a simple break and she wore a cast for a month or so with no lingering problems. But I still remember having to make 2 trips up and down the stairs every time I had to change levels: once to carry my infant son and once to carry Misty! :-)

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