Saturday, July 18, 2015

All of our 2015 Barbet Puppies are in new homes

Blueberry with Anthony, Heather & Family
Hickory Tavern Final Fantasy - Claire's Blue Girl
We bid a fond and bittersweet farewell to our puppies of 2015 with Blueberry going off to her new home in New Jersey this morning. Blue got to stay extra long with us, and we were all smitten with her calm, confident, and super sweet personality.  All of the pups are now in their own homes, with Kit staying here with us. What a wonderful group of pups they were. We wish them all happiness in their lives!

We have no plans to breed a litter until Solene is in season again, which we anticipate in January 2016.

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Unknown said...

We arrived home a little while ago and Blue is adjusting to us and her new home quickly, she is a fantastic addition to our family.
Judy thank you so much for sharing this wonderful breed and pup with us, and for allowing us to join your family.

Barone Family

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