Friday, October 16, 2015

The Barbet is Not the Perfect Dog

Please remember that the Barbet is an extremely rare breed. There are around 200 dogs in the United States, and we are very careful with how we breed our dogs. The Barbet is easily found through internet searches, and by reading and researching, many families will decide that this is the perfect breed for them. However, there are not many available puppies in America and this is not a dog that can be easily obtained. We are not breeding to produce puppies for a wait list; we are striving to improve this breed with each generation and will breed only when we feel the combination of dogs is ideal. 

Why the Barbet is Not the Perfect Dog

  1. The long, curly hair requires commitment and devotion. Without constant upkeep, the Barbet's hair will mat at the skin and nothing other than a shave will rectify the mess. This is not fair to the dog, so if you aren't willing to keep the hair clean and free of mats and tangles, find a breed with easier coat care. 
  2. They need attention. They are likely to get into trouble; they'll dig, they'll rip things apart, they startle and bark...  Barbets need lots of one on one time with their owners and time spent training is hugely beneficial to both dog and human.
  3. They're weird. Without lots of socialization and exposure, the sensitive Barbet can become fearful. Even with extra time in the world, they often go through adolescent fear periods. An understanding owner who gives gentle, effective leadership is necessary for a well-adjusted adult Barbet.
  4. Nobody knows what they are. Endless questions of 'Is that a Labradoodle?' 'Is that a Poodle?' 'How does your dog see?'  Perhaps as time goes on, the general public will become more aware of the breed, but for now, expect to do a lot of explaining.
  5. They do shed and they are not hypoallergenic. There is no such thing as a hypoallergenic dog, even though many people with allergies are fine with a Barbet. The hair does shed, but it does not fall out into the floor or your car's carpeting.  However, the loose hairs stay within the curls and must be combed out or they will soon become woven into mats. 
  6. You cannot go on a grooming vacation. The dogs will suffer.
©Judy McMaster Descutner 2015

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