Sunday, March 26, 2017

Happy Birthday to the Wishes Litter

March 26, 2016 was the birthday of our beautiful Solene and Thibault litter. Thibault lives in The Netherlands and semen for this litter was shipped in frozen straws. Solene never even got to know him :( Happy birthday to Willow, Aquila, Hamish, Penn, Flynn, Seven, and Penny (all the way in Sweden!)


Jeanette, Mistress of Longears said...

Congratulations! So glad to see this happy littler! Solene is just the best mom ever!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday to all my older (by 9 days only) nieces and nephews!!!
Everyone in the Horneff/Keller family hopes you have the best day.
Hugs and Licks,
Uncle Gavroche

HTF said...

This litter was a pleasure, as are all of our wonderful puppies!!

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