Friday, April 7, 2017

Welcome home, Marlee!

We are right in the middle of our birthday season. Almost every one of our Barbet litters have been born in late March or early April. Living together usually makes all of the girls come into season around the same time, so it has been easy to plan for spring pups that are ready to head to their new homes just as summer is starting. A great time for puppies to make the transition when their new families can easily get them out to new places every day.

Next week we will celebrate the 3rd birthday of our beautiful Marlee and her siblings. Time flies! Yesterday I drove to Chesapeake City, MD to pick up Mar after her month on the road with Michelle and Michael Scott. This road trip was extremely successful for Marlee. She won Best of Breed and Best in Miscellaneous at 12 of the 14 shows where the Scotts showed her. Marlee made a lot of new friends for the breed and the Scotts learned about showing a Barbet. In the end, Marlee earned her CM2 title and is just two points shy of her CM3. She came home in impeccable condition, and she loved everyone on the Creekside Handling team. Marlee will continue to meet up with the Scotts throughout the year. My sincere thanks to Michael for presenting Marlee so beautifully!

An honor to win under Houston Clark

Balanced, beautiful movement. Totally correct. So proud :)

Taking the glamour down a notch :)   judge Richard V Miller

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