Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Incredible Rugged Lark

Lark at 22
Any visit to Bo-Bett Farm is a reminder of the many, many great animals produced by Carol Harris. None of them have had more success and fame than Rugged Lark, the beautiful bay stallion who won so many awards, then toured the country entertaining crowds at the Olympics and major horse shows. Carol and Lynn showed the world how a properly raised and carefully trained horse could change people's perceptions of a Quarter Horse. Lark had an incredible presence, a knowing personality, and the most beautiful head and eye I have ever seen. I am lucky to have two of his sons still living here on the farm, and they have the same inquisitive nature and soulful eye of their father.

Carol let me saddle Lark up and ride him all over her farm. I'll never forget what a thrill it was for me, riding this priceless and famous horse, as he silently cantered over the sandy ground swapping leads every few strides. I'd stop him, spin a few times,then lope off again, smiling to myself and enjoying how incredibly lucky I was to be sitting on top of this magnificent animal. Truly one of the highlights of my life!

This video was taken from Lark's Farewell Tour in 1997. It is a true demonstration of trust.

My parents with Carol in front of Lark's Memorial

Rugged Lark's grave at Bo-Bett

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