Monday, December 12, 2011


Isabel and Carol at Bo-Bett Farm
We are now home after a wonderful week in Florida. As always, we visited with our dear friend Carol Harris at Bo-Bett Farm in Reddick. Some of my most favorite days have been spent with Carol talking about horses, dogs, puppies, and the dog shows, and this visit was no exception. Carol knows more about dogs than I could ever hope to learn and I feel privileged to have her as a great friend. Everyone needs a mentor/friend like Carol...someone who has seen it all but is still thrilled with every birth, every puppy, and the possibilities offered by every new breeding.

Claire's belly is getting tight and she spends much of her day sleeping. It is easy to tell that she is pregnant just by the change in her demeanor. She is very snugly and extra-sweet. Only two more weeks until her next check-up and X-ray!

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