Saturday, March 31, 2012

Fun Day at the Dog Show

 I had a really great time today at the WPKA show. A nice sized entry and good vendors made the show interesting for me. I was able to get this Barbet drawing from an 1881 French book of dog breeds. The caption reads "Dress (coat) of a dirty white, or white and light brown. Shag and frieze massing in large flakes. Round head. Ears very long curly hair topped with which covers the eyes. Kidney (back) strong. Member (leg) stocky, covered with long hairs. Foot round and wide. Nails thick." Very satisfying to see this old drawing demonstrating a broad head with short muzzle, stocky build and curly coat.

Le Barbet

Additionally, the same bookseller had a fantastic unframed 1977 Richard Stone Reeves print of Forego that I was able to pick up.

Forego by Richard Stone Reeves

On the way home, I stopped at Paris 66 and picked up a few macarons in very unusual flavors. Yum!

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