Sunday, January 27, 2013

Snow Pups

Yesterday some of the dogs and I went out for a hike in the freezing cold. The snow was absolutely perfect; light, dry, fluffy, and easily navigated. I took tons of pictures of them and these are a few of my favorites.

Snow Bob

Hickory Tavern Farm
Nessa hits the brakes

Hickory Tavern Farm
Solene on a trail

Snow Barbet
Nessa loves the snow

Hickory Tavern Farm
Ava takes a rest

Hickory Tavern Farm
Ness looks just like her mom, Alba, in the picture

Hickory Tavern Farm
Silly Nessa

Beautiful Ava

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Amy Jane said...

Hi Judy! These pictures are amazing! I especially love the one of your daughter and the corgi. They are looking right into each others' eyes. So sweet. I am also fond of Nessa the abominable snow dog. Hope everyone is well!

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