Monday, January 7, 2013

Champion Claire

Barbet Puppy

I received this lovely certificate in the mail this weekend for Claire's International Championship that she won last year, just three months after her puppies were born. Claire is always such a joy in the show ring where her happy and confident personality shines through! I will always be grateful to Florence Erwin for letting me have Claire. She gave me the best possible start in the Barbet world. Claire is the first Barbet to win a UKC Championship, first to win a UKC Best In Show, she is a triple titled Canadian/United/International Champion, she is recognized by the AKC's CHIC program (one of only two American bitches to do so), and she is the only Barbet in North America to have given birth via imported European frozen semen. Most importantly, Claire is a complete and total pleasure to live with. She is super smart, brave, fuzzy and snuggly. I couldn't ask for more.

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