Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Sunshine Barbet Girls

Marlee, Solene, Claire & Nessa
Yesterday we had our first truly warm spring day, and we gathered the girls for a quick photo before Marlee goes off to Canada to spend some time with Allison Foley attending CKC dog shows. Since we will be so busy with Claire and Nessa's pups, it is the perfect time for Marlee to spread her wings. We will really miss her goofy antics around our house!

Nessa and Claire continue to blossom, although Nessa has yet to have any realization that things are any different. Claire is already getting quiet large, and she spends extra time sleeping and resting. Soon it will be time to set up the whelping boxes!

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Jeanette, Mistress of Longears said...

A big hello to Marlee from brother Teddy! It's been quite warm here, with Teddy panting for a long time after his runs in the park, so I've clipped a good 3 inches of fur off and he looks like a pup again. We're working on long down-stays, and Teddy is quite happy to oblige, expecting a treat at the end of the session....but I wonder if he realizes he spends the entire time he's in the down-stay lifting and dropping his right front paw every 10 seconds... :-)

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