Monday, May 25, 2015

With the pups growing and the beautiful weather, I am having a hard time keeping this blog updated. 15 Barbet puppies keep me busy! Our routine has been a changing one as the puppies have gotten more active and independent. Instead of letting them all run around the yard at one time, I now find that it is best to take them in groups of 3 or 4 on our walks to the creek or through the yards. I try to do something new with them every day, and today's fun included a wild game of chase through the branches that I trimmed from the maple trees. There is also a 24 x 24 covered run set up for them, and they are able to spend hours outside running and racing. Some of their outside time is spent with all of them together, and other times they are separated into their own litters. We had a lot of puppy families visit this weekend, and I just cannot believe that next weekend will have the first of Nessa's pups already leaving here. This time has really flown!

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